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On-site Photography Technical Support
(Edmonton only)

I often receive DMs from followers and small business owners asking if you can come to my space and help me with the camera setting, lighting, etc. To get high-quality images. A few years ago my answer was no, I didn't think I was qualified. But now I can see how much progress I've made on each project over the years. I might be able to help some people get through the long period of exploration quickly.

If photography is important to your business, but you don't have the budget to hire a photographer to do it. We can take care of it and provide one-on-one photography technical support. If you meet the following conditions,  please feel free to contact us.

What do you need to prepare?


  1. A digital camera.

  2. A fixed light source. 

  3. 2-3 Reflectors.

Camera setup basics

Please answer the following questions when you request a quote.

(which may affect your quote).

  1. What is the relationship between Shutter, ISO and Aperture?

  2. What is white balance?

  3.  The higher the f/stop—the larger the opening in the lens—the greater the depth of field—the sharper the background. True or false?

Bring a photo

Please explain what you need us to do, such as Lighting setup, camera settings, etc.


Please include photos of your shooting environment, we would like to know how your lights are set up. And a product/food photo that you took in this environment.

Questions that will not be answered.

What camera/lens/lighting do you recommend for beginners?

How do you charge for it?

We charge by the hour, one hour minimum.


Prepare a list of questions.




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